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a journey of interests

it all started with

Event Videography

SoundDiego on NBC

Various music events I covered for SoundDiego, a TV show that aired on NBC.
This is one of my favorite edits/events. Halloween 2019 Downtown San Diego – Sent to cover famous names for SoundDiego. Trey Songz singing “Bottoms Up” here. I don’t think NBC put this online. Anyhow, if you read the first comment on YouTube under this video, you’ll hear me talk about why I began videography.

Lessons to live by

Share your quotes

If you have a positive thought about someone, tell them. It just might make their day.

Huy K. Nguyen

inspired by Raelee

What lessons would you impart to someone if you were on your deathbed?

Woodlove tahear

your thoughts. 🙂