singer-songwriters – see the very bottom!

Raelee Nikole

I can’t believe it has almost been a decade* since I started searching on YouTube, that I stumbled upon a singer-songwriter who sounded like her songs could be on the radio. I met someone who would later teach me a good life lesson by her example of wearing her heart on her sleeve.
* Oh my goodness. It has been exactly 9 years to the day since I uploaded this video, and I’m writing about this.

Thank you, Raelee, for expressing things honestly and without filter (but in a kind way that you do). I realized that I self-edit quite a bit, but it is ones such as you, who have the ability to laugh at oneself and make fun of their own “embarrassing” moments or words, that keep things genuine, fun, and humble.

so beautiful and inspirational!!

– Darce-Music

I agree with the comment above.

If you watch to the very end of the video, you’ll see my appreciation for her was strong then, as it still is now. My selfish hope is that she gets back to creating and sharing music… of course in her own time. I miss her and her artistry so very much.

… enjoy life along the way; it is so short.

– me (end note at video’s end)

And remember to…

… take the long way home.

– Raelee Nikole